No, you cannot quit this game. You have to keep playing  if you want to keep learning and growing. In the normal course of evolution most of us arrive at the dilemma of trying to unravel the apparent chaos of every day living. “Game” is of course a metaphor for Life, but it is an apt one because this analogy demonstrates that the consequences are the same for one who sits on the bench in a game of sports, and one who no longer actively participates in creating his own reality. Both become spectators.

Why do we become spectators? There are a myriad of reasons why we no longer actively “play,” but to name a few: You believe you that someone or something will come and save you; you feel done in by some person or circumstance you believe you have no control over; you have multiple childhood fears you have not yet come to terms with, or you believe that “fate” dealt you the hand you are holding and like it or not – life is just unfair. Each one of these will undoubtedly relegate you to the sideline and render you powerless and put you right center in the murky pool of victimhood. A major human struggle is to nail down individual purpose;  an internal dilemma that potentially can paralyze one for a life-time. I would like offer a different perspective on some of the absurdities served up by well-intentioned individuals who endeavor to answer this question. If you keep measuring your value in terms of the material world, you have inadvertently signed up for a race you cannot win. You are not here to compete, nor to win. You are here to grow and evolve, and to develop critical thinking skills which will illuminate the incredible power of choice making. The tools for this quest are always right before you. Life itself is a scripture for each one of us. That which we daily face as challenges and obstacles are the guidelines to delineate the path forward – it reveals the next step forward. Growth and evolution is a result of problem solving. And that, each one of has to do; absolutely no-one can assume that responsibility on our behalf. That is why you can never be saved. Not in a million years – for that will nullify any reason for growth.

Insight into the Game offers brilliant opportunities for personal growth and evolution. It literally can propel one from the sludge of perpetual victimhood into a self reliant and responsible human being with the power and ability to choose how and when to contribute to this world – for that knowledge will be based in experience, the very best teacher there is. Being the most excellent person you can possibly be is the ultimate goal, and for that you must become proficient at solving your own problems. You are not here to save others or awaken them. Just like a flower unfolds in its own time, the same way human beings discover their own power and the range of what is possible for them when the time is right. Do your own work and let others do the same.

No, you cannot quit this Game. Not if you want to make this life count.