The more wisdom we hold, the more fulfilling our life path becomes. So where does wisdom come from? Are you born with it, or do you learn it from books or other people? No. Authentic wisdom originates from experience. It comes from evaluating what happens to you and then discerning the meaning of it for you, personally. Discernment is crucial for it alludes to your ability to observe objectively what is occurring, minus the noise from the external world. Discernment and change go hand-in-hand for it ultimately inspires an adjustment of some sort – a fine-tuning to your course in life. Discernment and change lead to the ability to center oneself  and continue on with a new path –  facilitated by choice and acceptance.

In the material world we live in today, individuality is a rare characteristic where wisdom is the orphaned child we only think of on the days we feel charitable.  We are so trained and conditioned to do as the masses do: Make obscene amounts of money, strive to be the top dog, own big houses, collect shiny objects. And it seems to be okay to use any means to get what you want. In the race to own, to have and get more we inevitably develop amnesia about our reasons for being here – which is to grow and evolve. Growth and evolution is a result of becoming wise, remaining centered and continuing to evaluate what we are doing.

I had a life changing revelation recently. I thought that I could take the work I do with cancer patients (and others) to help them understand their dilemmas in life, to the Internet and commercialize it. Made big plans for it. Then we traveled to the East Coast during the Summer and one day while sitting on the rocks at Peggy’s Cove with the sun setting beautifully over the ocean I took a hard look at what I was planning and knew that it could not be done. Well, it could, but it would ruin my peace of mind and who I essentially am. It could potentially undo the hard inner work I had done for decades and nothing at all is worth that risk. What I know and what share with others has to remain on a personal basis. One-one counseling. Direct contact. Once I understood that, tranquility returned – I had made the choice for my soul, not what this world dictates. And I was at peace again. I am ultimately in charge of my life, and the decisions I make directly influences how it will unfold. Of that I am certain.

My path is my own. As yours should be too. But choose wisely, for the quality of your further existence depends on the choices you make every day. If your choices are wise for who you are, your path will be fulfilling – no matter what.