For an unknown reason we were both awake 4.30 AM. We looked at each other wincing as we recognized the early hour on the face of the alarm clock. “Shall we walk to the lake and meet the sun?” I asked. My husband never needs encouragement for outings like these. He loves walking as much as I do.IMG_6507

We strolled in complete silence through our sleepy neighborhood and then took the path through the forest leading to lake. The air was fresh and clean with traces of delicate sweet spring flowers drifting through the woods; the unfolding of the day was almost sacred. Arriving at the waterside, the sun was still hovering below the horizon but airy pink streamers of light and color floated about in the sky – foretelling the beautiful day that was in store.  Hundreds upon hundreds of birds were about, squealing, calling, squawking as if they were waiting for the final transformation. As I watched the gradual change from semi darkness to light, it struck me that people transform to the exact degree that they let the light come in. The sun rises because it must, but for us transformation is not a given if we can’t or won’t do introspection. If you’re unhappy or upset about anything, look inside. Look at your own reactions and be honest with yourself. Are you unhappy because of another or is the problem really with you? All challenges are opportunities to grow.  Trouble or difficulty is the catalyst, introspection is the tool and transformation is the end result. If we are willing to do the work, transformation will occur. That is how growth and evolution comes about.