I have great admiration for what William Young had achieved and I hope that his experience will serve as encouragement to everyone out there who ever wanted to write. If the desire has lived in you for a long time and you have not yet taken up the pen, or let your fingers dance over the keyboard, then I hope Mr. Young’s experience fires your creative juices into highest gear and you become obsessed!

There is something immensely satisfying in shaping words into phrases that give expression to your deepest feelings. When I watch musical artists, such an accomplished pianist, and I notice how they become one with the instrument; how every muscle in their body strains and quivers as they “lean into the music” – that is when I know that expression for an artist of any kind is like life blood. It is a sweet addiction – we have to have it. (Gosh – does that sound bad?) And of course, all of us want to share what we have done with others – because truly, that is the ultimate satisfaction and thrill.

William’s achievement is extraordinary because he reached that dreaded “dead end” just like so many first time authors do – the one where you get the publishing door slammed really hard in your face. Especially in the fiction genre!

At a Writer’s conference I attended in New York this past April, I observed the very same thing. There were hundreds of us – excited, dedicated, brimming over with energy and expectation – but a group of young editors (not yet 30?) sent by the big publishing houses had some very harsh verdicts for us, delivered smoothly over raised eyebrows: “No niche”, they mumbled, “impossible to sell”, they grunted, “no-one will buy this” they sighed.

So what is my advice? If you have writing in your blood and you just have to get it out or perish, then let William be an example to all of us. Do not quit! There is a word for writers who don’t give up: Published.

Moreover, with the advent of the Internet – there is absolutely NO doubt whatsoever that the balance of the power is shifting very fast from the publishing houses, to creative and dedicated authors. If you have belief in your work, and you are told it will never see the light of day through the official publishing path, then investigate the incredible power of the Internet. You will be so glad that you did.

And good luck to you – don’t stop writing!

Keep and eye out for The Meadow – probably one of the most unusual spiritual love stories ever told. That is the book Mike and I crafted together over two and a half years – while living on separate continents. I think this story had to be told. Why else, would it be arranged for two strangers to write a story such as this – without laying eyes on each other until its completion?

Mr. Young – congratulations for not giving up on your dream! I’m going to read “The Shack” and I’d love to interview you on my radio program, Game Changer.