The first principle in unraveling how reality comes about is to comprehend the essential nature of our universe: Our universe is mental in nature. That simply means that All is Mind. If we get this principle wrong, we pretty much falter in everything else. This principle doesn’t work just in some instances. It is a blanket condition that applies to everyone – always.  As microcosms of the macrocosm we are mirror images of the greater Whole; bestowed with similar powers to create a life of choice – provided we accept full responsibility for our thoughts.  Our individual operating systems which bring about what we experience as reality is derived from the very same operating system that created this universe. That is the essence of “as above, so below.” Insight into this truth eliminates all false beliefs in good luck, bad luck or fate. In the world of the critical thinker, escape clauses simply do not exist. Everything always starts with a thought; thoughts are the building blocks of personal reality.

One of the major challenges we encounter when we set foot on the path of self discovery and personal growth is that we often meet with circumstances that are not to our liking, but instead of doing objective research into how we may have contributed to the situation, we fall into victim hood and look for someone to blame. Blame stands in the way of personal growth, and evolution; it also prohibits healing on all levels. So why flee from circumstance? It is often circumstance that brings to light all that is best in us. Ten thousand times to fall is ten thousand times to rise.

Truth without compromise is the absolute condition for self realization. None is born too low to rise and he who rises, has risen from beneath. Such a person has taken responsibility for his creative mental powers and has begun an authentic effort to investigate his thought process in order to make the necessary course correction.