The Shack has caused quite stir in the world of publication and a little while ago I interviewed the author about his book. He is undoubtedly, a gifted writer and speaker.

I admit that the zeal, with which Mr. Young described his journey and how he came to discover “the shack” and its illuminating role, as he sees it, is quite impressive.

Objectively, however, it is impossible to overlook the fact that the roots of a plant always will tell you where the seed fell and the nature of the fruit it will bear. The Shack is a great example of this. Religion is religion is religion.

Everyone has a story to tell and, no doubt, Mr. Young’s is a compelling one with amplified emotional overtones of intense suffering, including grappling with the age old trap of lack of self-worth. Christianity in all its forms relentlessly promises absolution from this worthlessness resulting in “redemption” which pledges to banish the demon of insignificance to the deepest bowels of the earth, never to emerge again. But think about this, how can self worth be because of another, even if you crossed paths with Jesus, Papa (from the Shack) or the Lord?

The interconnectedness of the universe is the guiding principle to absolute equality and understanding. The only apology is lack of awareness. And that may be a matter of time, not because you’re one of the chosen, or had been overlooked.

There is no greater freedom than the freedom of the mind and we have every right to explore the routes that lead to the gates of truth. But what is fact, and what is truth? The simplest differentiation is that the former is intelligible and the latter is unlimited. How then, are rules, regulations and dogma ascribed to something of which the nature is “unlimited” – if the driving factor is not control and power?

If you want to know, bigoted belief is always under your feet, not in your head.

But devotion too, can be a heady thing. Some believe in a God, who is in heaven, while they wait patiently on earth. Others say they love God, and their god is before them. And then are those who are lost in god. And to the last statement, you must ascribe your own awareness.