So here we are, the human race, knocking on the door of 2012 – some with trepidation in their hearts about forces at work that they have no knowledge of or protection against, while others look with excitement to a perceived golden future. Where are you standing in the cosmic wave of change that is sweeping the world? Every day we hear questions about the uncertainty of our future, but can we truly give others hope, or calm their fears? Isn’t this a deeply personal challenge of  embarking on the road less traveled and determining the answers from an inner source?  “Out there” the confusion is growing daily, and amidst the mounting chaos there are still personal realities and stress that fill our “worry list.”  The question is how to find our equilibrium and then anchor in a  place  of tranquility.  Perhaps it is time to ask if universal guidelines exist to help us access the power within? This event endeavours to shine a light on our inherent gifts and abilities to consciously make choices that will lead to freedom and self-empowerment.

Objectively, there can be little doubt that for centuries, humanity has been inching towards the abyss and that warmongering, endless competition and greed has moved the world to a place where we are facing destruction by our own hand. Have you wondered how we got to this point, but more importantly, how did we create what we have in our own lives? Where do we find solace, and who can help us in our hour of need? Do we have any control over what happens to us? Close inspection reveals the incontrovertible bond between the macrocosm and the microcosm. Universal law teaches “as above so below, as within so without” and this relationship manifests noticeably in the countless ripples we make on the cosmic ocean: We cannot understand our fellow man, if we don’t know who we are. We have no chance of understanding the world we live in, if we have no compassion for those who journey with us on the road of Life. If we don’t understand ourselves, our fellowman or our world, what chance do we have of comprehending All that is?

Independence of thought is the first sign of freedom, but how do we control rampant negative thinking, in a world that seems to have gone mad? We are at all times the sum total of what we have been and done, what we have fought and defended; what we have hated and loved, and in the three dimensional consciousness of earth every atom of our body is a reflection of our  crystallized individuality. What conclusions should be drawn from this and what  is our responsibility? Ancient Gnostics called our divine innate intelligence, “Nous”  – but how do we connect with that source to make the right decisions, or tell fact from fallacy?

In an upcoming tele-seminar hosted by Mary Kathryn Jones, creator of “Women who walk the talk” we intend to explore these topics and much more. (Hyper link below) Can another really educate us – or are the laws of Life self-learnt?  Are you Self Reliant? If you are, you will know, because you won’t look to a guru for assistance. Innate wisdom (“nous”) and gurus cannot exist together in the inner sanctum of  your Knowing.

You are welcome to join the conversation on May 25th, 2011.  We’d be honoured by your presence and participation. Please forward this blog to other interested parties.