In a survey done some years ago the question posed was this –  if you could ask for only one thing – what would that be? The overwhelming response was happiness. If only I could be happy! What is the cause of happiness? Is it money, a great job, perfect relationships or good health? Anyone who studies this subject objectively will come to the conclusion it is none of these. Lack in any one of these areas is an opportunity to uncover the  real source of the problem – our own way of thinking. The day we learn that what manifests around us as our experiences in fact springs from our minds, our thinking – is the day we begin to liberate ourselves from the happiness trap. It is the very first step to extricate us from the pool of victim-hood and leads to self responsibility.

What exactly is the happiness trap? It is belief that someone or something else is responsible for what shows up in our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nobody else causes our misery. Nobody causes our happiness. We alone cause our misery. We alone cause our happiness.  Independence of thought is the very first sign of freedom. Until we have that we remain slaves to circumstance.