The announcement came on the first day of May. We were informed that as a result of the brilliant execution of just the most dazzling military plan; the Navy Seals killed the world’s most hated villain on Pakistani soil; ending his reign of terror. It is reported that the world let out a collective sigh of relief – Osama Bin Laden was dead, finally. To compliment the announcement, the White House then released sombre pictures of the top brass glued to television screens in the “situation room” watching as the death mission unfolded. Grimly looking on, Obama slumped in his chair, visibly weighed down by the decision to obliterate the most notorious terrorist rogue whose head was always elegantly adorned in his traditional keffiyeh. Hillary clasped a hand in shock to her face, but could this be part of just a very big production? Unfortunately, past behaviour is the unpaid snitch who tells ruthless tales of character, and our Mrs. Clinton brazenly fibbed about a lot of things, including the “sniper fire” account of landing in Bosnia in 1996, in hopes of shoring up her bid to become Commander in Chief. Unimportant, you say? Not in my book. Integrity is not negotiable. Remember that these are the same people who give us information about world affairs and who are running  (into the ground) what used to be the most powerful country in the world.

But back to the breaking news where lightheaded crowds around the world erupted in joy as chants of “USA, USA!” exploded far and wide.  On cue (as expected), all the major media kicked into high gear; CNN vying as always, to be the front runner with breaking and making news. Then they rolled out the pundits, the family victims of 911, the lawyers, historians, correspondents and various men of cloth, poised to interpret the Almighty’s take on the brave killing, just in case we didn’t get it.  And so began the vulgar, nauseating analyses of assassinating Bin Laden, oddly mixed with an undertone of moral deliberation: Should the mutilated corpse be on display? The President is determined that we are not that kind of people– even though graphic pictures were published after slaying the sons of Sadam. OBL is not a trophy to be paraded around! and on and on…As more grimfaced talking heads emerge from the shadows, experts (all of them, mind you), and each with a book to sell (of course), to engage the attention of the masses with firsthand knowledge of the Arab rogue who now (conveniently) lies at the bottom of the ocean. Or so they say.

Is this cynical? I hope not. Personally, I don’t care for the story at all.  Very credible reports from the CIA declare OBL had been dead for years (2001), but Obama’s ratings are in the gutter and with the 2012 election around the corner they need to bolster those sagging numbers. Ah those pesky poll numbers! What better way than to capture and kill the most illusive scoundrel of the 21st century? The misplaced justification around Bin Laden’s reported death is a clear indication of where the attention of the masses is fixated, and here I mean no disrespect at all to folks who lost loved ones in the 911 attack. Frankly, knowing the tactics of the Establishment, the whole thing smacks of a diversion. I may be right or I may be wrong, but for the record, I’d keep a close watch on Pakistan as the next naughty child in the family that will need serious reprimanding.  I keep myself out of the fray of debates on whether OBL is dead or alive and just observe what is afoot. The question is one of awareness – do we really care enough? As it is, we are being overwhelmed by a tsunami of news, images, and reports of the “heroic” nature of the killing. It is no easy task for an innocent or uninformed bystander to tell fact from fallacy. Yet it is important to realize that the deliberate blanketing of the globe with their message represents a tyranny of its own kind. It is a sophisticated form of brainwashing, because it comes disguised as “news” of an heroic deed – but judging from the profuse amounts of blood in the pictures they have shown, it ultimately might prove to be just another brutal murder callously committed for the sake of power and control.

Those who don’t believe that governments lie blatantly and stage events for political gain might not be aware of false flag operations or economical hit men, tactics governments use across the globe to coerce others into doing the evil will of the oppressors.

For the record I will state that I did my research and can no longer be convinced that 911 was the work of terrorists. Buildings don’t collapse in free fall style after being hit by a plane. The billowing black smoke was a clear indication that the fires in both towers had been oxygen deprived, and thus could not have caused their demise. Building 7 was not hit by a plane, and yet, in controlled demolition fashion, it folded neatly into its own footprint. This blog is not about 911 – brilliant experts have already proven that the official story defies physics, logic and common sense. This is about us having to make a choice. Will we believe what we are told, without checking facts or doing our own research? Reality simply is that we bear the consequences of our choices. My advice is to err on the side of caution, and not believe everything we are told. Smear tactic number one is to label anyone who does not agree with the official version a conspiracy theorists – a claim that does not move me at all. Let them say what they want. What is more important – how you think, or how others think? We have a right to live by our own moral standards and take responsibility for our decisions and I refuse to support anyone who operates without integrity or respect for life. Moreover, none of the choices we make should solely be based on what the media reports.

But the flavour of the day is Bin Laden. Was it really him? Should the pictures be published? For a few pieces of silver, opinions can be bought. But where do you stand? If this was really OBL (highly improbable) do you condone his cold blooded murder? Was this operation a just one?  In view of the Christian faith, supported enthusiastically by the ruling party, what about forgiveness? How much do you know about Bin Laden’s background –  that he was a CIA operator and on their payroll for 17 years, or that his code name was Tim Osman? Ah, but none of this seems to matter, as the media frenzy has reached a point of hysteria, losing all perspective of reality: Do you think Bin Laden is in hell? they ask in one of their many polls. Astonishingly, more than 60% knows he is in hell and hopes he burns for eternity. No further comment.

People have short memories and many, like trusting children who look up to a parent, they do not want to believe that their governments blatantly lie. George Bush and his cronies lied about WMD – without blinking.  On April 1st, 2003, when the US was losing the war in Iraq, the military shamelessly staged a “rescue effort” to free Jessica Lynch from her Iraqi captors. It turned out to be nothing but a shoddy show deliberately put on to slyly coax approval from disheartened American citizens. Pat Tillman died in a friendly fire accident  (shot by his own comrades) on the 26th of April, 2004, in Afghanistan. The media and the military immediately began to elevate the prior football superstar to the level of super hero. In utter disrespect for his heartbroken parents, Donald Rumsfeld only saw the political mileage to be gained from pretending he died in combat, defending his country.

Yes, governments lie. They do that all the time. But that should not be our focus for they are fallible people and if they are in politics, chances are that they are power hungry. We must each take responsibility for our own lives, and the things we give our attention to. My advice is to turn off the television. Read, check facts and information. And keep your eyes peeled. Politicians have power because we give it to them. If we stop supporting lies and deception and make them accountable, our world will begin to change. Always remember that whatever we give our attention to, grows bigger – but if we withdraw our attention, the same issue begins to diminish. Each one should decide for him/herself whether they want help stoke the fires of deception, and the only way you can make a rational decision about this, is to do your own fact checking.