Wisdom flows through this woman’s veins. She has an uncanny instinct for truth, a first class intellect, and her strength of character is an inspiration to everyone who meets her. She is the real deal. I heartily recommend Elfreda’s work to every serious student of spiritual development and conscious evolution.

Neil Kramer

Philosopher & Esotericist

Elfreda Pretorius has distinguished herself as the go-to person when people are in crisis. Her understanding of how the mind can re-direct itself towards healing on an emotional and physical level is far superior to anything I have seen or read about. The transformations I have witnessed in people she has worked with are simply awe-inspiring.

The essence of her work is captured in “Stop Struggling and Start Living – the Rules of the Game” a bestselling book in which she skillfully has woven her wisdom into the principles of Universal Law. Elfreda’s work ranks up there with the absolute best and has profoundly impacted the lives of countless people.

In my view this is the self-help and inspirational book that everyone should read. Even more exciting is her decision to now take her wisdom and experience to the Internet in focused programmes so that many more people can learn how to map their minds toward health and happiness. I concur with her philosophy that “We are all signed up for the most intensive self-help course there is. It is called Life. We must learn to help ourselves – there is no other way.” Merle Ballaigues

President, Thomas International –North America


For the past few years, Elfreda Pretorius has tirelessly dedicated her life to studying the principles and mechanics of The Natural Law. Natural Law is the most contemporary adaption of Cayce’s profound axiom. Elfreda defines Natural Law as a set of principles that govern the consequences of human choices and behaviors. I have admirably watched Elfreda’s journey in unlocking the secrets and understanding the mysteries of this law, and this website is the culmination of her last few years’ work.

Now in the spirit of the Buddhist tenet of “loving kindness” she is presenting her knowledge, expertise, experience, and wisdom to those who can benefit from it. She is a passionate and creative exponent of this law and has combined her research with the rich personal growth experiences of her own life. If you are looking for answers to life’s difficult problems, then you have come to the right web site. She has created comprehensive and helpful modules that you can download on topics like healing cancer. Others will follow on overcoming depression, addiction and so forth. After working for years with patients one-on-one, Elfreda’s experience and exceptional knowledge on healing is now available to the public. I do recommend that you read her groundbreaking book, Stop Struggling and Start Living – The Rules of the Game.”

Dr James Kaikobad

Professor and Psychologist, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I received a copy of Elfreda’s Book “Stop Struggling and Start Living: The Rules of The Game” hand autographed by the author herself during a conference we attended together. It took a couple months to pull off the shelf and once I did its pages immediately started captivating my sense of curiosity and wonder. Told through the eyes of a fictional character based narrative, the underlying concept of the book contains what I’m starting to believe is a very esoteric yet fundamental truth about the experience of being human in this world. Elfreda Pretorius has walked a life path of continuing growth and inner work which is very much reflected in the story of this text. Told in a very mainstream way yet still retaining such fundamental and deep substance, the book is a great read for anyone on a spiritual path or even just looking to navigate our crazy society more authentically.

Niles Heckman

Film Maker & Artist


We loved her. Elfreda has a way of saying what used to be confusing, and makes it understandable. We found ourselves saying, “I get it now.” She is fascinating, informative, and inspiring. Her message is thought-provoking and definitely motivates the audience to get moving to make changes in their lives. I highly recommend her to any association, group, or corporation who wants to see their people grow to their potential. Judy Suke

President, Triangle Seminars

Elfreda is captivating speaker who engages her audience and impacts them by being able to effectively communicate life changing principles. Her presence and her aura sets a mood which positively changes the energy of a room. Elfreda is a born storyteller who connects and creates a renewed sense of purpose with her audience members. Anna Maria Campoli

Past President, Woodbridge Toastmasters Club

Elfreda’s presentations are incredibly powerful! She is an inspiration to all that hear her speak. With her enthusiasm and energy she inspires everybody and motivates us to make positive, lasting changes in our lives. Sue London

Author, Motivational Speaker


My name is Jeff Eisen and I am the CEO of Pemco Inc., a family owned mid sized company that was founded in 1946. I have been involved in the company since 1973. We have facilities in Pembroke, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. Our company is very successful, but in the last 3 or 4 years we had reached a plateau as far as sales growth was concerned. I was also getting a bit stale and was not as motivated as I was in the past. The company as well as myself needed to be revitalized. I was exposed to the concept of executive coaching in early 2004. I came in contact with Robin Sharma the author of the “Monk who Sold his Ferrari” and 6 other best selling self help books. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to have Robin as my executive coach for 3 months. The results were astounding. Not only did I become revitalized, but major changes started happening at Pemco Inc. I received coaching for myself as a person, as well as in my CEO capacity. After my coaching with Robin ended I felt a void in my life. I realized that if I was to continue to grow and develop as a person I needed to have another executive coach.

Through an associate of mine at Pemco I was introduced to Elfreda Pretorius. I had a few meetings with her and read her recently published book “The Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game”. Our meetings were very informative and I greatly enjoyed reading her book. I was fascinated by Elfreda’s diverse knowledge and deep understanding on a multitude of topics. We began our coaching arrangement at the end of October 2004. I greatly enjoy working with Elfreda and we have made great progress on many areas of my personal and professional life. Elfreda asks lots of probing questions that truly make you think. She skillfully guides you through the coaching meetings and enables you to discover many new insights and concepts about yourself and life in general. Our sessions are very interactive and I enjoy participating with Elfreda in the coaching sessions. I believe I get the most benefit because of my participation. I continue to see great improvements in my personal and professional life as a direct result of my coaching with Elfreda. Our COO and my wife are also being coached by Elfreda. I would highly recommend Elfreda as an executive or life coach. If you would like to contact me to discuss further my positive experiences with coaching feel free to do so.

Jeff Eisen

CEO, Pemco Inc.

Elfreda is an absolute expert in the matters of self-awareness, Universal Law, Energy Principles and in working with her clients to show them how to live their greatest and most authentic lives. She firmly believes that her purpose in life is to help others on the path to spiritual wakening, enlightenment and self-actualization, and has dedicated herself to this cause.
I have gotten to know Elfreda as a facilitator, mentor, coach and friend. She is without a doubt, one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, with nothing but the highest levels of integrity.
Elfreda enriches the lives of those people she meets, works with or with whom she comes in contact through her book ‘Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game’ (How to overcome struggle and start living) as well as the companion workbook ‘Ten Truths From the top of Table Mountain ‘ Tony Davies

Business Executive, Certified Public Speaker

Throughout my life I have had many mentors from whom I learned valuable life lessons through guidance and examples they set. To each of these individuals I owe my gratitude.
But I had the good fortune of meeting a new mentor, Elfreda Pretorius. What separates this lady from the other mentors is instead of simply providing guidance or setting an example, she gave me the tools to ensure that I could create the success I wanted in life.
Elfreda provided me with the skill set I needed to overcome years of depression. She taught me how to focus, to control my responses and to think positively. Most importantly, she showed me how to stop thinking of myself as a victim of circumstance, and gain back my control. That was just the beginning. She taught me the principles of how my personal energy affects my life and my relationships with others. Finally, Elfreda gave me a gift greater than anything I could have imagined. She helped me to see and experience my true self, my being. I will remember this always as one of the greatest experiences of my life.
So, listen closely when you read one of her books, or if you are lucky enough to meet this woman, or hear her speak. If you practice what she teaches you can, like me, overcome your struggles, and really begin to live. As Elfreda will tell you, your life is your responsibility.


Elfreda shows compassion and caring for the human experience in everything she says and does. She challenges us to join her on life’s journey to awareness where the infinite power of the subconscious mind opens the door to all possibilities. All this she delivers with a wonderful sense of humor. I am proud to call Elfreda my friend and mentor. Robert Lomon