With the 10th anniversary approaching of that dreadful day, the fallout of September 11th 2001 was the unceremonious relegation of the human race  to living inside a psychotic nightmare. With our freedom disappearing all around us, and the screws of control relentlessly being tightened,  the legacy of 9/11 has culminated into a blank cheque for driving the agenda of mass control.

Let me be frank: If you still believe 9/11 had been masterminded by 19 fanatical Muslim terrorists with box cutters and substandard expertise in flying even a micro aircraft, then this blog is not for you. Don’t read it. In the lingo of “The Matrix” – take the blue pill, and sweet dreams, because the awakening will be a rude one – guaranteed. If you, however, decide on the red pill – then there is one condition:  We cannot afford to chase down another rabbit hole to investigate yet another “theory.”  Theories lead nowhere – what we must analyze is evidence. What is presented here is based on the evidence left behind on that fateful day. The evidence was in plain sight for all to see, but understandably, in the horror of so much destruction and death we did not know what to look for. None of us had any idea how drastically and deviously the tables had been turned on us, or that solving the riddle of this historic day could point the way towards freedom for us, the people. We do know now, and it is up to each individual to look at the evidence and decide for him/herself.

When the dust began to settle and the world’s most astute analytical minds kicked into high gear, it very quickly became clear that the official version of what happened was completely absurd because it defied every law of Physics known to man. The birth of the “Truth Movement” offered a glimmer of hope that a group of scientists and engineers with impeccable credentials would come up with an explanation of how this horror was perpetrated upon innocent souls. This movement claimed the official story was wrong, that the buildings did not come down because they were hit by airplanes, but “ fell” in controlled demolition fashion due to the use of Thermatic explosives. At first there was an orchestrated effort to discredit the Truth movement, but then the dark forces settled on the tried and tested method of infiltrating this organization via Cointelpro – a FBI counterintelligence program designed to repress political dissent in the United States. The aim was to create a shadow opposition movement within the group that kept “theories” alive.  As long as the speculation continued, it suited their sinister agenda perfectly. Serial killers like to lay down a trail of crumbs; they love codes and secrecy as much as they revel in ritual, because while they’re doing that, it sends us all on a wild goose chase!

Then the slight figure of Dr Judy Wood (figuratively spoken) stepped onto the scene of the 911 pile of rubble. (Full Bio and website details at link below) A highly accomplished scientist and engineer, she noticed immediately that there was a big problem with all the “theories,” and embarked on a lonely path to fight for the truth, which not surprisingly, resulted in termination from her position as professor. Looking at one of the most famous pictures of the first tower (here below) she declared solemnly:  “My intellectual integrity prevents me from calling this a collapse.”

Dr Wood has written a brilliant book which can be purchased from her website in which she neither speculates, nor theorizes. She only presents the evidence of what happened that day. We’ve heard ad nausea that the buildings fell down.  The buildings did NOT fall down. The buildings were 110 stories high and if they fell down, there would have been  110 stories of rubble and there wasn’t! There were at most 12 stories of rubble (compare the pictures taken by independents and official news media on her website) – where did the other 80 or 90 stories of rubble go? This is the question that must be answered. Matter, more precisely 80 stories of concrete and steel, do not ordinarily disappear, but in this instance it did – because there was no sign of it after the dust settled. What happened to it?

Everybody saw what appeared to be the buildings falling down, as the floors seemed to be removed – but what actually happened is that the buildings disappeared and they did so in front of everybody’s eyes.  Forget about the traces of Thermite found in the rubble – Thermite cannot turn concrete and steel into dust – that is physically impossible.  So what caused this destruction – the disappearance of the buildings? To answer this question, we must backtrack to the history of Nikolai Tesla, one of the world’s greatest inventors. Born in 1843 in Croatia, Tesla emigrated to the U.S. in 1891. He set up a lab in New York where his interest and focus became the fields of electromechanical engineering and electromagnetism. Tesla is credited (in varying degrees) with “the establishment of robotics, remote control, radar and computer science, and to the expansion of ballistics, nuclear physics, and theoretical physics. In later years, Tesla began working on a ‘teleforce’ weapon, or death ray, which was related to his research into ball lightning and plasma, and was imagined as a particle beam weapon. Although he unsuccessfully marketed the death ray to the U.S. War Department, after his death, the government took possession of his papers and property, declaring them top secret.” (Barbara Weibel)

The evidence that Dr Wood presents leads us to one clear conclusion: 9/11 was done by the use of free energy devices that are capable of disintegrating the molecular structure of matter and turning it into dust right in front of your eyes. Sound farfetched? I urge the reader to examine her evidence as it is laid out.  Look at the photographs in her book, or on her website – consisting of clear pictures of the buildings actually turning into dust.  Examine the photographs and ask yourself: What caused those fountains of dust clouds? This is NOT what happens when a building is imploded or comes down by any other method. Ask yourself this:

  1. The buildings were 110 stories tall – but there was only enough rubble for 12 stories for each tower – what happened to the other 80 or so stories of both buildings?
  2. Why did paper not burn? (See pics on site of paper lying around that did not burn in a “fire” which the official story alleges was intense enough to melt steel columns. Clue: paper does not burn in a microwave oven)
  3. What was the origin of the “cold fires” that some of the firemen walked through that day? (See pictures on her web site)
  4. Why were so many cars literally “toasted” in the surrounding streets and immediately began to show advanced stages of rusting directly after the event?  These are not normal occurrences during implosions of buildings. What caused the vehicles not directly in range of falling debris to “burn” (as if they had been in a microwave oven) and for rust to set in? (See pics on her site)
  5. Why did the “dust” keep breaking down into finer and finer powder?

Dr Wood has demonstrated through the evidence left behind that day that the only thing we know of that could have done this – is a free energy weapon.  The Black Ops wing of the US military has a virtually unlimited budget, estimated to be in the region of One Trillion dollars annually. From the evidence of the rubble left behind on 9/11 we must understand that claiming Tesla’s work and classifying it as top secret has obviously led to the realization of a very powerful weapon. We must further realize that free energy technology ALREADY EXISTS, and that someone has possession of it. These people know the laws and principles and they know how to construct these devices, but they are using these as a weapon against the rest of the human race, and that makes them genocidically insane. The buildings did not fall – they were turned to dust by free energy, or beam technology devices that already exist.  Despite the usual non-believers and debunkers, there is growing respect and support for Dr Wood’s work and it is rapidly gathering momentum because it is  based on evidence of that day – not speculation.

I will go so far as to say that we, the people, have a solemn duty to seek out the source of these weapons and bring the perpetrators to justice before they have an opportunity to force us into submission with another senseless massacre.  We must bring this matter to light. Imagine the possibilities for our planet if we could use this technology, which the dark forces have figured out, and apply it for the good of mankind?”This will give us a fair chance to create a co-operative and compassionate society of mutual aid.  To really comprehend the magnitude and accuracy of Dr Wood’s findings we must understand the physics of the galaxy we’re living in: The relation of the core of the Pleroma  to the galactic arms of our universe, is essentially a free energy system. We already live in a free energy system! True physics is a free energy system. The beauty of the universe is that it is by en large founded on free energy physics.” (John Lash)

I do not know how we will apprehend the culprits, but I do know that awareness is the first step. The purpose of this blog is to create an awareness of probably the biggest danger that faces the human race in this era.  Free energy weapons in the hands of psychopaths could only lead to two possible outcomes: complete annihilation of the human race or an existence of enslavement. On the positive side it must be recognized that Dr Wood’s solving of  the riddle of 9/11 gives us the opportunity to finally heal from the horror of the attacks because we now know how they did it. Their dark secret is no longer a secret.  If we stand together and promote awareness of the existence of these weapons, we will find a way to triumph – of that I am certain. Let us take back our power, our future and our freedom and set the human race back on a path of  self determination.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Please visit the website of this brilliant woman. I am a poor substitute to relay the genius findings of Dr. Judy Wood.