Ten Truths from the top of Table Mountain

Ten Truths from the top of Table Mountain



Product Description

In this practical and informative workbook with all the relevant questions and directives, you will be guided through the ‘Ten Truths‘ that Sam learned in the novel ‘Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game ‘. Significant progress is made in life when we gain knowledge of the true nature of the Universe and achieve insight into the logical processes through which our personal circumstances come about.

We must learn to help ourselves. Nothing can significantly improve in our lives, until we make it 100% our own responsibility to choose happiness, and then vigorously, with determination, begin to pursue it. There is no other way – because Happiness is a choice.

In this Workbook you will discover:

  • The real meaning of ‘Know Thyself’
  • How to become self reliant
  • Breaking the patterns of conditioning.
  • How to make your environment correspond to who you are.
  • Increased awareness and consciousness.
  • Understanding how to apply the Law of Attraction.
  • How to create powerfully.
  • The role of focused attention.
  • Grasping and applying the Law of Belief and Expectation.
  • Understanding forgiveness. .
  • Steering your life with the rudder of Inner Direction.


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