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If you believe that you should have control over your life – you’re right. If you think there is a better way than living in a state of perpetual victimhood, you’re right again. And if you have walked down many different self-help paths, and still feel lost – then it is time to stop Struggling and Start Living. There is a way to overcome all of your challenges. And it is not complicated. This novel teaches us the principles to take back control of our lives. The single most important feedback we receive from readers about this book is that it simplified otherwise complicated information and made it accessible to everyone. And that it changes lives.

In ‘Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game’ you will learn:

  • Your life is your own responsibility. Always. No exceptions.
  • The Universal Laws and truths that underscore conscious living.
  • The magic of Solution Thinking.
  • How to transform negative reactions into deliberate positive responses.
  • The basis of “miracles.”
  •  The principles that underscore healing, long lasting relationships and attracting wealth.

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