The Energy Principle

The Energy Principle



Product Description

Everything in our world is an expression of energy and we participate in the creation process, whether we know it or not. “The Energy Principle” is about mastering the art of flowing energy. So that we might find the freedom and experience the joy, which is our birthright.

As unique creators we have a direct effect on the world that we live in. In Hermetic terms – we live in a “mental universe” and it has been known for centuries that each one of us determines what we will experience by the manner in which we “flow our energy.” But what does it mean to flow energy, and is it important enough to write about? Is this not the kind of information that falls into the category of “God’s business?”

It is not only important to understand that “God’s business” is really our business, but it is absolutely crucial that we gain insight into the creation process.


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