In our world perception is everything. How we view reality determines how think, what we say and how we behave, but we tend to forget that these very same things are directly linked to what shows up as our experiences.  For centuries, prayer has had a touch of heavenly magic – a last resort we turn to when things don’t go our way or if we run out of solutions to solve a problem or overcome a challenge. But what is prayer really?

Prayer is exactly the contrary of what most people believe it to be. Prayer is an inner decision confirmed and implemented by proper action. Every prayer is answered through the zeal and endeavor we put into it. The hidden truth behind this is that we have to understand the principles that govern all human behavior known as Natural Law. If we live our lives in harmony with these principles we will develop the insight and wisdom to deal with anything, and in turn, discover exactly how prayers are answered. Prayers are answered not because a heavenly deity had mercy on us and gave us what we wanted, but because we took responsibility for our own lives by correcting our thought processes and then acting in accordance with it. Cause and Effect is not some New Age axiom – it is a fundamental principle of Natural Law that determines what we get in life.  That is what it essentially means to live a life of integrity and it casts a light on the true meaning of “you reap what you sow.”

Think of it this way. If someone else solves your problems – what did you learn and how did you grow? We only grow if we take responsibility and ask, ‘what was my role in bringing about what I have?’ The passion and effort we put into answering that question opens powerful doors for personal growth and understanding the true nature of prayer.