“Sheeple” blindly follow where they are led. They trust the ones in the front, not because they believe those in the lead know better, but because they are too lazy or disinterested to find the way themselves. It is much easier to let others do the work, or to accept the status quo. They choose to ignore the fact that when they let others do the work, they must live with others’ mistakes and misdirection. Very little of what religious fanatics so vigorously defend, do they actually own. They copy or repeat from other sources. And worship hell bent dogma. Their opinions are essentially borrowed from equally uninformed friends or especially sources of mass communication.
Sometimes when you meet them they can be brilliant in their chosen vocations. It is not theory they cannot master, for they generally love facts. In spirit, however, they are vacant, their thoughts are not authentic. They do not examine all the alternatives. They prefer to research sources that validate their own beliefs. And all their research is framed by their preconceptions of what is true and right. Organized religion is an obvious example of this phenomenon. Just look at the results of the righteous, those with the better god, or the one true god. For as long as we can remember, they have killed others invoking the name of their god. They believe they are right, their leaders have told them so, and so they go to war. They worship a loving god, a supreme being of divine judgment. But they judge on the life and death of the innocent. They decree the will of their god, with their own limited understanding, pretending to know the will of a divine being of whom they have no personal experience!
They justify their actions by referencing their own ‘holy’ books, or their only too human leaders. If you seek a logical rationale for their behaviors, you seek in vain. They need to be right; objectivity and truth are sacrificed to justify their need.

You cannot rely on leaders – you must learn to rely on yourself and make up your own mind. Then you can listen to others and decide from your own experience if their cause is worthy of your support. Many leaders exist by default because people do not know how to govern themselves. They happily give this responsibility away. Beliefs of the masses that their leaders are better informed are a myth; an example of what they accept, without questioning. Religion is habit to most. They “do it” because it is expected of them. But habits are very hard to break; habits create both winners and failures. Just as many don’t really believe in the god they worship on Sundays, but they don’t disbelieve either. They simply are keeping their options open.
Raise your level of awareness and consciousness, and you can know God. Not as in a dream, or a wish, or a figment of your imagination, but real knowledge because you will experience Him from an inner source.