“Do you believe in reincarnation?” a client recently asked. As a life coach in Toronto I get many interesting questions, but this one was on a different level; it came from an intelligent woman with an inquiring mind with whom I have previously done a lot of work. She was at a point where certain things that formed part of her conditioned teachings in the past no longer made any real sense. I waited before I responded, giving the question serious consideration. Then I replied, “Reincarnation is a fundamental aspect of Natural Law and therefore it is integral to creation and the evolution process of this world. Without knowledge of Natural Law and how it works, we get most everything very wrong. We try to justify beliefs based on erroneous information provided by men wearing robes or funny hats. And unfortunately, most of them are horribly misinformed.”
“So you believe in it? You think it is true?” she asked fervently.
“No. I don’t believe in it. I know it is true. There is a huge difference between believing and knowing.” What follows here is the gist of our discussion.
People who debate reincarnation fall into two categories – those who want to prove their religious beliefs correct, and those who are delving into the deeper meaning of life and for whom the tired explanations of the clergy from whatever denomination, just don’t work anymore. Every intelligent person comes to a stage in his life when he begins to question himself as to what purpose there is in life. Why are we here? What are we supposed to accomplish? The deeper we look the more we discover that it is not about becoming super successful, winning over the world, or accumulating material goods. It is about knowledge, learning, and ultimately it is about experience, for experience is the food that feeds the soul. That cannot be bought, sold or borrowed – you only own it once you have lived it. It is the catalyst for personal growth.
Many think that some of the most pressing questions in life can be answered by religion. But religion is not an open study of life; it is an interpretation of spiritual principles as explained by one or more individuals. Religion draws its information through the mystical process, the same way many philosophies do. In other words it came about through the direct atonement of one man or woman with the Universal Mind. The terms ‘mystical’ and ‘mystery’ are in fact direct opposites and although many assume they are the same – they are not. Mystery usually means magic, deception and delusion – what you witness onstage when a magician performs fantastic tricks. None of these things, however, are in the least related to mysticism. They are worlds apart. Mysticism has always been about Self and the Universal Cosmic Mind. Every system of moral philosophy and religion which has intended to give us a closer understanding of Self and the universe, is mystical.
Those who want real answers must read widely and with an open mind. It is obvious that if you frequent the same sources that support your beliefs, you will never come up with a different answer, but will only be enforcing a belief that you anyway, already have.
For as long as there have been people on this earth there have always been those who were eager to declare their disbelief in certain teachings, even though they had to concede that they neither understood, nor had ever made an effort to gain insight into the essence of what these teaching mean. This attitude poses a serious obstacle, because we cannot objectively understand nor accept anything that we don’t have fundamental knowledge of. In the West the concept of reincarnation is generally dismissed at face value because almost without fail, they assign a religious value to it. But reincarnation has absolutely no religious connotation at all, because it is not a spiritual concept, but a Natural Law. The term ‘Natural Law’ always raises a few eyebrows, and in the work I do as a life coach in Toronto, this topic has led to very many interesting discussions. Sadly, Natural Law has been obscured and misrepresented despite the fact that these laws govern the consequences of ALL human behavior; a fact not understood by the masses. Lack of knowledge of Natural Law and how it works, is the fundamental reason why mistakes get repeated over and over and why negative behavior patterns are so difficult to change. But back to reincarnation…
Simply put, reincarnation is the journey that soul makes back to the common origin, or Source. This entire process is directed by the law of Compensation, or Cause and Effect (one of the Natural laws.) That which you sow, you will also reap. The saying that ‘like begets alike’ provides an integral insight into the laws of the universe and works at the heart of the dynamics of reincarnation. Every manifestation of life reproduces each after its own kind and this applies to thoughts, choices and behaviors. In ancient Sanskrit this principle has been termed Karma, meaning action or the law of continuity of action, ‘like begetting like.’
Cause and Effect establishes order and cosmos instead of disorder and chaos in the universe. This law affects the life of every human being, whether we know it or not, and makes us responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds. Subconsciously, we depend on this lawfulness, but we are dismayed when we experience it in meeting the consequences of our own self-oriented thoughts, choices and deeds.
We are always the sum total of what we have been and done, what we have fought and defended; what we have hated and loved. In the three-dimensional consciousness of earth every atom of our physical body is a reflection of our soul – it is an integral part of our individuality. Everything about us reveals what we have done with our free will since it was given to us. That includes our nervous structure, mental abilities, talents, preferences and aversions, our fears and follies, the very moral fiber of our character. Absolutely nothing is the result of chance, fate or coincidence. We are what we have shaped ourselves to be over a very long period of time.
So we are all unique people with different likes and dislikes, we have different desires and we dream about different things. We have different joys and sorrows, different handicaps, different strengths and weaknesses, and of course, different virtues and vices – the sum total of which influences our ability to appreciate beauty or comprehend truth. We discover in reincarnation and Karma the only rational and acceptable explanation and cause for the seeming injustice of the inequalities of life. Some are born in wealth, some in abject poverty; some are born with every advantage for education and advancement, some with no opportunity at all. One is born crippled, handicapped, physically and mentally – while another is born ideally. The Law of Reincarnation alone makes understandable and acceptable the conditions and experiences of our lives. Materialistic or theological fatalism cannot explain – with satisfaction and justice – the inequalities found in each race, each nation, or even each group of men. Have you ever considered the circumstances and place of your birth? Why were you born into that particular family? Who made that decision? Why are some people capable of overcoming trauma and difficulty while others remain victims for their entire lives? Where does emotional strength and tenacity come from – and why do some have it an others not? Are some just “lucky” or “blessed” – or is there a lawfulness integral to what what we are? In 2009 I published a co-authored book, titled “The Meadow” a mega drama that spans several centuries and life times where the protagonists and villains are forced to face the consequences of their deeds as they plot their journeys from life to life. The characters in “The Meadow” discovered that “I am tomorrow or some future day what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday – or some previous day.”
Reincarnation, as a teaching, does not require a basic assumption other than those already adopted by all Christian and nearly all other forms of religious beliefs – the immortality of the Soul. Neither does it require the acceptance upon faith of any principle of fatalism, predestination, or retribution operating through the blind, material action of a revengeful, jealous God. It doesn’t shift the responsibility of our fate from earthly atom to heavenly deity, but leaves it resting surely upon the individual. We are 100% responsible for our own lives – it has, and always will be this way. As our awareness level increases, we disengage from what the masses are doing and start to investigate the nature of Being independently – and that allows the soul to unfold with light and power. We begin to understand the importance of studying our own lives, our motivation for doing things, we take a look at who are in our lives and comprehend that on some level we invited those people to come and play, essentially because there was something to learn. We begin to gain insight into the interconnectedness of everything and that our personal growth is intimately woven into the evolution of this planet and its timeless journey through the stars. As a motivational speaker in Toronto, I cannot wait for the day that I’m invited to speak on this very interesting topic of human rebirth and its implication for spiritual growth. But for now, I’m not holding my breath!