About Elfreda Pretorius

Come on a healing journey with . It will be an extraordinary one, of that you can be sure. If you’re certain that you want to heal – no matter what your challenge is, then take the plunge and decide that you will learn how to help yourself. Self-empowerment and learning to stand in your own power is Elfreda’s only goal for those whom she works with. The principles for healing are very simple, but dynamic and will require of you to engage in radical thinking that some might see as unconventional. Do not judge this too soon, for you will also discover that the process will deliver an authentic way of living that you might not have known existed before. Healing in all respects involves immeasurable growth. If you want to heal without expanding your insight and understanding, then you shouldn’t engage on this journey – for these two go hand-in-hand. Working with Elfreda, you will learn to understand your body and your mind, read the signals it is giving you accurately and cultivate a belief – a certain knowing that you are not powerless. The journey of healing by its very nature, will open immeasurable vistas for personal growth. Born in South Africa, Pretorius has lived outside of Toronto, Canada, for the past 20 years and specializes in helping others understand the importance of the mind/body connection in governing life itself. A philosopher at heart, Elfreda has written a bestseller, “Stop Struggling and Start Living – The Rules of the Game.” She followed this up with “Ten Truths from the Top of Table Mountain” – the companion workbook. She also co-authored a mega novel titled “The Meadow”.

Her latest E-book is titled: “Keys to Ultimate Freedom – 7 steps to personal power” and is available as a free download from this site.