1-self-helpContrary to what most people think or believe – learning how to help yourself is the corner stone, the absolute foundation of any and all forms of personal growth. Objectively, there are only three categories we have problems in – these are: Money/Career, Relationships and Health. Any problem you can think of, we will be able to slot into one of these three. The natural tendency of the human being is to look for help before he/she tries to figure out how the particular problem came about, or how it could possibly be solved.
Due to a myriad of different factors, the human being has unlearned how to do effective problem solving. And yes, Health absolutely falls into this category too. Einstein once said that we cannot solve any problem on the same level it was created on – we have to come from a different level (paraphrased). What he meant is that we have to come from the level of the SOLUTION and that requires a different WAY OF THINKING.
Our world is set up in such a way that opportunities for growth and evolution are before us almost daily. The problem however, is that most people never recognize these. The state of our health is directly related to our thought process – an aspect that will be elaborated on elsewhere on this site. Life itself is the most intensive self-help course there is and each and every one of is signed up for it. The question is – are we willing to learn?


Staying away from deeper philosophy for the time being, the human being is often referred to as consisting of three components – Mind, Body and Soul. Although this is a very simplistic view of what constitutes “being human” – it nevertheless is helpful for this short discussion. Besides the fact that “Mind” is often confused with the brain and its function – mind, body and soul are seen as distinctly different and separate. Nothing at all can be further from the truth. For the record, if a brain is opened up during an operation, or an autopsy – the mind will not be found here for “Mind” does not exist within the body itself. Although neurologists can identify the specific areas in the brain that control movement, speech, personality, imagination etc – the origin of the instruction to perform a function or a task does not reside in this magnificent muscle – but somewhere “out there.” To borrow from a popular television series, “Star Trek” – Captain Kirk of the body is the Mind and the brain is his Number 1. When you have a thought to let’s say, lift your arm, that instruction comes from the Mind (Capt Kirk) and it send the message to the brain that in turn stimulates the part inside the brain that controls movement. In a sense, when you think the thought, the Mind tells the brain: Make it so, Number 1!
It is for this very reason the Self Healing is not only a possibility, but an absolute reality. Once the connection between mind and body is understood, it becomes a real option that we can access with the faculty of will and proper training. Here is a simple way to state this: Everything you entertain in your mind as a continuous thought process will show up somewhere in your body. It is that simple.


In our daily actions, we are always either building things up or helping to break them down. Make sure that any advice you follow is coming from a place of experience, and that it is not the regurgitated information from an undefined source. Our world is filled with naysayers and sceptics who are brilliant armchair counselors, but most of what they think they know is coming from a place of fear and lack of knowledge through personal experience. It is easy to knock people, theories, and studies down if you have not engaged in any real research – a common mistake of the uninformed. It is easy to destroy, but real character and strength are needed for those who want to build, support and help others to grow.
If we think in terms of growth en evolution, then every step a single human being takes forward benefits the entire race.


Absolutely every experience is there for our education. If we don’t learn, then we simply regurgitate the past ad nauseum. We are creatures of habit – and because of that, we are inclined to repeat behaviors and actions even if we suspect these are harming us. Fact is, many people realize they should let go of the past, but lack the skill set to know how to implement such a directive. Add to this the further complication of remembering negative experiences through re-living these constantly in our minds or endlessly talking about what happened to us. Repetitive behavior such as this is a clear indication that we have not dealt with that particular experience, and that every re-telling of it, still has the power to evoke the same emotions and feelings as if it has just happened. The reality of this is that the more we revisit the past, the greater the chance that something similar will occur again in the future. See article about “Creating Life.”

We keep doing the same thing over and over, thereby burning a neuropath way to the brain resulting in this activity becoming automatic. It becomes so conditioned into us to behave in a particular way that the slightest stimulus can set this behavior off. Being oblivious of unaware that we do this, unfortunately sets up the behavior patterns we keep on exhibiting in future.


In order to fully participate in the process of life, we need to be fully present in this world. The expression is to say we must “live from the heart” – but what does that really mean? To live from the heart is to make an effort to understand the world we live in – not just see it as a place where we fulfill material needs, but as a place where phenomenal growth can take place within ourselves. To really see and understand that, we need to know gain insight into how everything in our world is interconnected. This allows us to see more clearly, love unconditionally and to a great degree lose the selfishness so inherent to human behavior.


In a survey taken some years ago, the question was asked – If you could ask for only one thing – what would that be? Not surprisingly, the answer was “To be happy.” The most important thing revealed by this survey is that many people are actually “in search of happiness.” The implication of this is that happiness is some exulted state to be reached, or that it could be had if only a number of requirements were met such as, more money, the right partner, perfect health, etc. The truth of this matter might shock many people. Happiness is a choice we must make. And you must choose it, for it cannot choose you.


Too many people today rely 100% on what their doctors or research tell them. This attitude is very much a way of the past where we trusted our physicians to do an accurate diagnosis of our health and prescribe the best possible way to heal. Due to overpowering role that drug companies play and the way they lobby to get legislation passed in their favour, this situation has changed dramatically. This does not mean that you should not consult your doctors – far from it. But it does mean that you should accept responsibility for your health by consulting your physician, but then also doing your own research. The Internet is a fantastic tool to help you source different opinions, ways of natural healing or just in general learning more about your condition. Whether we like this or not, many of our doctors today are nothing but licensed drug pushers – they prescribe as the drug companies advise them to do. They treat the symptom, not the cause. You do not have to engage in a fight with your doctor, just quietly learn to do your own research and then make up your own mind. Information is freely available and it is the right of every responsible human being to know all of his options, and it is your duty to make choices that are in your own best interests.


What do you believe is possible in your life? Can you dream, visualize, hope – or reminisce and think about the future? Whatever you believe is possible, is what you can do or achieve. Belief operates like a law. It is what sets the bar of just high you will jump – or what you will achieve. Interestingly enough, no-one else decides what the limit is – except us. The principle is thus a very simple one: If we think we can, then we can. If we think we can’t – then we will be right also. It really is that simple – but it is a fundamental principle according to which our world functions.


To achieve healing, or overcoming an existing health condition, is not merely the responsibility of your doctors and the medicine or drugs they prescribe. Mind and body is one thing, and the better we understand the fundamental role Mind plays in helping to bring about healing, the quicker we will bring about favourable conditions for the body to heal. In order for us to heal and to maintain that health, we must think healthy or healing thoughts – something that does naturally come to must. On the contrary, we do quite the opposite. Many of us undermine the healing process with extremely negative thoughts and expectations.


You might read these words and think to yourself: What a crazy thing to say! But is it really? Most people inadvertently give their attention to the opposite of what they really want. As an example, they will say things like: I don’t want to be sick – but these words are stating exactly what you don’t want – not what you do want. The correct thing to say is: I want to be healthy. I want to be well. There is a world of difference between these 2 statements. We always get what we focus on, and this is an important thing to remember – especially when it comes to healing.


It is a truly interesting conundrum – this thing about miracles. Those who are super religious will want to rely on a higher power for miracles to manifest. But there is a much deeper truth here, one that few people realize or even think about and that is that miracles are unlocked and happen equal to us discovering the power of our own minds. The real miracle is when we learn about the connection that exists between Mind and Body and how, with delivering the right stimuli, we can accomplish that which some people call miracles. The mechanics, the way in which mind and body interact with each other, is quite extraordinary, but in order for it to deliver the desired results, we must learn how to operate this magnificent equipment. “Operating” the mind/body combination has everything to do with how we think and the kind of messages we constantly give ourselves. Failing this discovery, we keep doing the same things over and over, and the results never change.


It is so easy to ask others what to do or where to go – and especially so when dealing with important life issues. Is it wrong to ask? No – most certainly not in the beginning. And it is a fact that children learn by asking questions and following example. Specifically, where children are concerned – children don’t do what you say, they do what you do. In other words, they follow example. Yet, at some point we need to make the jump towards independent thinking; acquire new behavior patterns where we begin to trust our Inner selves to provide us with answers. In order for this new way of being, we need to make a start in trusting our inner selves because without that, we will simply never reach the point of ease where we trust the answers that come to us but will always be running back and forth to check what others are saying. If we constantly have to check with others and never reach a point of confidence in our own inner wisdom, it is very similar to developing a kind of insanity.


This is one of the fundamental truths of our world. Your body does not have a mind of its own, but instead is intricately connected to the mind and how it operates. In essence the body execute instructions that come from the mind – those that are clear and that we verbalize to ourselves continuously, such as “I am sick. I feel absolutely terrible,” and even the ones we repeat to ourselves subconsciously – “I don’t have the strength. I am helpless.” Depending on what we actually tell ourselves out loud or subliminally, the body listens to carefully and then executes accordingly. Exactly how the body does this will be discussed elsewhere on this site in great detail.


Health, just like happiness is a choice. We must choose it – especially if we are ill or have some serious disease. For people who are healthy, this seems to be no problem at all and the reason for that is that their minds are not focused on being sick. Through being healthy, their attention is diverted to other matters and they give their energy thus to different matters. People who are sick, have a specific challenge but it is one that can bring them to heightened states of awareness and accomplishment. In order to heal, they have to purposely bring their attention to the subject of healing and thereby make a conscious choice for health as the state they prefer their bodies to be in. There are ways and methods to communicate this information to your body so that it will naturally begin to lean towards healing instead of being sick.


Sometimes this information comes to people as a complete shock – so much so – that it is rejected out of hand. Of course, there are many reasons for that. One is that a great deal of humanity relies for on their doctors for all medical advice and treatment. They absolutely believe that health is a specialized field and that everything there is to know about healing, the medical profession already knows. Naturally great care needs to be exercised here: This is not a call against doctors – by all means continue medical visits and treatment as prescribed by your physician. This is much rather a nudge towards gaining insight into the magnificent healing powers the body itself has and how this process is working all the time – regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. There are also specific ways and means to trigger specific reactions and processes in the body and even those occur all the time with or without your knowledge. The real secret is to learn how these triggers are set off and how these can benefit and aid your healing, moreover – how it can enhance what your doctors are already doing for you.


Now that you know that your body houses a complete drug store, it is even more important that you realize that your body copies or mimics all the thoughts in your mind, in particular thoughts about healing. It really does not have another choice – it can only do what it is told. It is very much like standing in front of a mirror. I you have a broad smile that reaches from ear to ear, that smiling face is reflected in the mirror. If you pull a sad face, that same sad face shows up in the reflection looking back at you. It is unreasonable and impossible to expect that you can pull an angry face, but the mirror will show a happy and relaxed person. This is the very same principle at work when it comes to healing. If you think healthy, appreciative and uplifting thoughts, then the body tries to mimic that in the condition of the body. Naturally, healing does not occur instantly, but what is important to know is that the perpetuation of the “happy face” or healthy thoughts will eventually bring about the desired effect.


Probably one of the toughest lessons to learn in this life is that things do not always go our way – no matter how hard we try to manipulate circumstances or even others. This often leads to periods of deep anxiety or depression for when we meet with such circumstances it appears as if we have reached the end of the road. The reality of such difficulties is that we are faced with two major problems – a situation that cannot budge, and an attitude on our behalf which refuses to accept the status quo. This of course leads to endless pain and frustration. But there are ways to cope with any situation or person – no matter how difficult. And that involves learning how to change ourselves so that we can bring about the desired outcome. In the matter of health, we might learn about a diagnosis that fills us with fear and anxiety, but in truth there are many people who once stood in that same spot and figured out a way to cope or overcome that obstacle. How is that done, you may ask? The answer will probably surprise you. Become acquainted with your own body and how it functions. Learn about its healing powers and how to trigger this mechanism. It is one of the hidden secrets of the power of the human being – those who are willing to be bold and do the work, will surely reap the benefits.


This statement must be understood in the spirit in which it is written. Everything that happens with us in this life, each and every experience is there for our education. We can accept this and begin to look for ways and means to understand our experiences, not matter what they are, or we can reject it out of hand. If you reject it, there is nothing that anyone can do or say to convince you otherwise, because as it is, we never question nor do we conquer anything that is beyond our level of insight or understanding. On the other hand, if you can accept that even a serious or what some call a terminal disease, might be the very instrument that unlocks our abilities to gain insight into our bodies and how it functions, and therefore our worlds – well, then you are already ahead of the game. This attitude puts you in the perfect position to understand how the body and mind is connected and how you may assist in changing anything that you no longer want to have or experience.