The Universe is Mental in Nature

In the world of the critical thinker, escape clauses simply do not exist. Everything always starts with a thought; thoughts are the building blocks of personal reality.

Prayer is opposite of what most think it is

Prayers are answered not because a heavenly deity had mercy on you and gave you what you wanted, but because you took responsibility for your own life by correcting your thought process and acting in accordance with that.

The Happiness Trap

The day we learn that what manifests around us as our experiences in fact springs from our minds, our thinking – is the day we begin liberate ourselves from the happiness trap.


All challenges are opportunities to grow. Trouble or difficulty is the catalyst, introspection is the tool and transformation is the end result.

The lost paradigm for healing

The body’s natural defense mechanism is activated by the mind and effective control of the thought process. However, if personal responsibility in the healing process is overlooked and entirely delegated to an outside source, then fundamental control of the healing process is sacrificed.