“Where does belief come from? It comes from the divine element in man known both as love and intelligence. It is known as these two aspects but in reality they are one in essence. If there is no intelligence there is no love; if there is no love there is no intelligence.

Both love and intelligence are connected with the widening of one’s self, with keener perception and living more deeply. Intelligence is the grasping faculty of consciousness, which by every means recognizes, distinguishes, perceives and conceives all that is around it.

There are those who believe in God and others who love God; and then there are those who are lost in God.  Those who believe in God, they are on earth and God is in heaven for them. Those who love God, for them God is before them. But those who are lost in God have gained their real self. Spirituality, just like intelligence, is not a certain knowledge, but the expansion of consciousness.” Sage words by Inayat Khan.

I have come to understand that reverence for the divine usually originates from a place of awe. If we continue to investigate and explore our inner worlds, awe transforms into familiarity and brings about a certain knowing. Knowing brings about peace, insight and understanding always equal to the level of our own consciousness. As we expand our investigations, our consciousness expands parallel to our discoveries. And then awe returns as we begin to glimpse the magnificence of creation and recognize the vital role we each have in the daily unfoldment of our lives.

What an exciting journey to be on the earth plane at this time where there is so much change happening at such rapid pace! What an incredible opportunity to grow and evolve.