The Narcissistic Relationship – Are You Caught in One?

If you want to go from being adored to devalued in the blink of an eye, then have the audacity to question anything a narcissist does or says. Of course you will be stunned at the heartless and cruel encounter with someone you admired and thought worthy of your trust, but this is your cue to make drastic adjustments to a relationship that now is changed forever.

The Bin Laden consciousness Trap

We were informed that as a result of the brilliant execution of just the most dazzling military plan; the Navy Seals killed the world’s most hated villain on Pakistani soil; ending his reign of terror. Or did they?

The Limitless power of conscious Freedom. (A free tele-seminar)

So here we are, the human race, knocking on the door of 2012 – some with trepidation in their hearts about forces at work that they have no knowledge of or protection against, while others look with excitement to a perceived golden future. Where are you standing in the cosmic wave of change that is sweeping the world?