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Meet Elfreda

Elfreda Pretorius is the bestselling author of Stop Struggling and Start Living – the Rules of the Game –a book that has impacted the lives of countless people in an utterly profound way and is prescribed as essential reading for students in a Master’s class at a university in the US.

Other books by Elfreda include Ten Truths from the Top of Table Mountain, the Energy Principle, Keys to Ultimate Freedom (a free download on this site) and a co-authored book, The Meadow. Her explicit goal is to help individuals gain back control over their lives by learning how to focus their attention on what they want by understanding and implementing the principles of Natural Law.

She has a particular gift for identifying problem areas and assisting in focusing the thought process whilst maintaining and building a positive mindset. Learn more about Elfreda Pretorius’s work online here.

My Books

Keys to Ultimate Freedom

What is Ultimate Freedom – and does such a state really exist? And if so, why does it appear as though very few have figured out how to get there? The answer might surprise you: The majority of mankind do not realize that they are basically here to grow and evolve, and that the evolution of the human spirit is a task laid at the feet of everyone who walks this planet. You can’t buy it, you can’t borrow it, and no-one can “gift” you with it.

Stop Struggling and Start Living

If you believe that you should have control over your life – you’re right. If you think there is a better way than living in a state of perpetual victimhood, you’re right again. And if you have walked down many different self-help paths, and still feel lost – then it is time to stop Struggling and Start Living.
There is a way to overcome all of your challenges. And it is not complicated. This novel teaches us the principles to take back control of our lives. The single most important feedback we receive from readers about this book is that it simplified otherwise complicated information and made it accessible to everyone. And that it changes lives.

The Meadow

“The Meadow” is an epic love story involving four past lives where, across centuries and continents, from ancient Mexica to contemporary Pakistan, the lovers fail to bond. The story involves international espionage and intrigue, leaving the frustrated lovers with only one option – to reunite in the Meadow, a celestial waterhole that exists between lives. “The Meadow” carries a very profound message. We hope that it plants the seeds of curiosity, prompting people to ask questions and look more closely at themselves. We hope it encourages them to take full responsibility for every aspect of their existence.


Merle Ballaigues

Merle Ballaigues

President: Thomas International – North America.

Elfreda Pretorius has distinguished herself as the go-to person when people are in crisis. Her understanding of how the mind can re-direct itself towards healing on an emotional and physical level is far superior to anything I have seen or read about. The transformations I have witnessed in people she has worked with are simply awe-inspiring.
The essence of her work is captured in “Stop Struggling and Start Living – the Rules of the Game” a bestselling book in which she skillfully has woven her wisdom into the principles of Universal Law. Elfreda’s work ranks up there with the absolute best and has profoundly impacted the lives of countless people.
In my view this is the self-help and inspirational book that everyone should read. Even more exciting is her decision to now take her wisdom and experience to the Internet in focused programmes so that many more people can learn how to map their minds toward health and happiness. I concur with her philosophy that “We are all signed up for the most intensive self-help course there is. It is called Life. We must learn to help ourselves – there is no other way.”

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In this corner I share interesting thoughts and ideas related to the dynamic process of life as it unfolds daily.

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Featured Blog

Weekly discussions of in depth concepts in the book, Stop Struggling and Start Living

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Bi weekly posts on subjects that might make some people uncomfortable, but almost always stimulates expansion of consciousness on some level – if we are willing to investigate.

Life Coach Toronto

The Secrets of the Universe are 25,000 year old principles that are a part of your birthright. How would you feel if you could end the destructive negative cycles of your life?
Imagine if you could quit making the same mistakes over and over? How would your life improve if you could heal broken relationships without feeling like a victim?
Would it change the way you think about yourself if you could steer your life and career in a direction of your choosing? What are the implications of understanding the vital link between mind and body that also promotes self-healing?
Once you grasp how to implement this knowledge, you will be able to give up the endless struggle and really begin to live. Let’s be frank – the time for gurus and enlightened teachers are long gone. This challenging age demands that you take responsibility for your own life.

The time for that is NOW. No-one is coming to save you. Those who don’t figure out that we have all signed up for the most intensive self-help course there is, called “life” continue to make the same mistakes again and again.
As a certified Toronto Life Coach I can advise that it’s more than just positive thinking or positive affirmations. None of these are simple mind over matter issues. Do you really want to know how to make your life happen? Manifesting what you desire, requires much more than knowing about the Law of Attraction. It requires that you learn about Natural Law so that self-correction begins to operate subconsciously, automatically. Then manifesting becomes powerful and constant, and you get into what is known as “flow.” It is true: We can really live a life directed by choice, instead of fate. This site reveals the simplicity of ALL the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction, and how they apply to daily life. You will instantly recognize the information as golden nuggets buried in the popular idiom of all advanced cultures. Life is energy in motion. Everyone can learn how to manipulate this energy to bring about the results they desire – without feeling chained to positive affirmations or positive thinking techniques. The ability to do this is inherent to the human being, part of your birthright. If we learn to do this right, changes will begin to operate subconsciously and become permanent. We will show you how. Welcome to the journey of self discovery which will lead to personal growth and manifesting on a level you couldn’t imagine before! Enlightenment unfolds as we learn how to tread the road that leads within. We must learn to master Money/Career, Relationships and Health. Self-improvement leads to self empowerment and this is always equal to the awareness level you hold. Every step we take forward, benefits the entire race. Bookmark this site. We frequently run free tele-seminars on a wide variety of topics. We look forward to the journey with you. Thanks for looking in.